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Chandramukhi Full Movie Hd In Tamil Download Movies




Sri Devi (Sri Durga) is the Goddess of all Tamils, and the indomitable Goddess in Tamil.This name arises by combining the Tamil word for Goddess, Uma and Devi. Sri Durga is a Goddess whose body is made up of a number of weapons, and has the head of a lion and a mace.Her weapon of choice is the sword.She is usually depicted with a sheathed sword in the right hand and shield on the left hand.In Tamil Nadu, this Goddess is patroness of the Tamil people. Plot: Pasupathy (Vijay) is a common man who works in an office in Chennai. He is a Tamilian who lives with his parents. As his parents leave for Australia, he takes care of his sister, Sivakami (Trisha) and his younger brother Senthil (Ammo). After a while, Sivakami and Senthil go to the United States to study at the same college. However, in the process of getting a passport, Sivakami is brutally raped by one of her male classmates. As a result, she stabs him to death with her own knife. After this, Pasupathy tries to make sure that Sivakami is sent back to India for trial. To do this, he starts gathering evidence against the accused student. Cast: Ajith Kumar, Trisha, Vijayakumar, Pandiyan, Jangiri Madhumitha, Rambha Ajith Kumar is the favorite son of movie director Balachander. He is a popular Tamil comedian and actor.Trisha is an Indian film actress.She has established herself as a leading actress in Tamil cinema.Vijayakumar is an Indian actor, director, producer and television personality. Background: Kuppusamy is the main character in the 1995-96 television series Krishnan's Story. He is a Tamil lawyer and a police inspector working in CID. He is the third son of a poor farmer, and his wife and children are quite helpless against the income tax officer Deva. The tax officer treats the family as part of his own with his money and gifts. On the other hand, he is very strict and even resorts to violence to take his own way. The family is also under the constant threat of divorce. Background: Anjali (Anjali) is the wife of a lawyer and mother of two sons



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Chandramukhi Full Movie Hd In Tamil Download Movies

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